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What You Need To Know

Read this information before joining Zulip! It won’t be long, we promise.

Zulip’s unique chat system, if used correctly, is incredibly powerful for keeping chat organized and easy to catch up on. Here’s what you need to know:


A Stream is something people subscribe to. When sending a message, pick your Stream based on the message’s intended audience.


A Topic is for a single conversation / topic of discussion.

If you are going to start a conversation, or send a message that is not a direct reply to a previous conversation, start a new Topic.

Topic Names

Topic names should be as short as possible. Like a Google search query: all lowercase, with spaces, 3-4 words max. Topic names appear on the sidebar, so think of them almost like Discord channel names.



To reply to a Topic, make sure you have one of its messages selected (with the blue rectangle).

Don’t just reply to the most recent message in the Stream! If it’s not the right topic, you’re just interrupting and messing things up.

In short:

A Stream is like a mailing list.
A Topic is like an email conversation:
the opening email, and the chain of responses.

For more information, check the relevant section of our in-progress Operations Guide.

That’s it!

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If you’re using the Zulip app, it will prompt you for a server url. Our server is at zulip.earth-strike.com.

IMPORTANT: If you’re part of any our international teams, you must SUBSCRIBE to the appropriate stream(s). Find your team’s stream by clicking the gear shown below.

To invite others, send them to this link: earth-strike.com/zulip

For more help with Zulip, check out their excellent, easily-digestible User Documentation.