Earth Strike japan







Earth Strike Japan recognizes the criticality and urgency of coordinated action regarding anthropogenic climate change and environmental destruction. We maintain that existing measures have been entirely insufficient. We view the state of climate change as a pressing crisis, and pledge to treat it as such. Earth Strike Japan is committed to defending our precious habitat by any means necessary.

We follow the principles of Earth Strike:

  • Clarity of Purpose, our activities serve the strike action of September 27;
  • Clarity of Message, our activities target the institutions of production;
  • Consistency, we do not permit sympathy for those who participate in exploitation;
  • Inclusivity, we hold our inter-sectional roots near, and refuse to compromise with bigotry.



Earth Strike Japan is always looking for new members! Anyone who believes in our mission statement can join us and play a part in defending our planet.

We are especially looking for people who are willing to:

  • Assist in outreach;
  • Help plan/organize actions;
  • Translate documents;
  • Network for Earth Strike;
  • Participate in actions.

The easiest way to get started is to enter our Keybase team. You could also help us out by reaching out to us by Email, Line*, Mastodon, or Twitter. Also, we are always grateful when people help spread the word about #EarthStrike!

Finally, the best way to get involved is to RSVP and show up to our events! Stay tuned via our social media or sign up for the Earth Strike mailing list!

*Line ID: earthstrike_alana


The Earth Strike Japan team is committed to strictly non-hierarchical organization, following the grassroots principles laid out by Earth Strike international. We persistently view climate activism through an inter-sectional lens, and firmly believe in the power of dedicated human networks. We welcome new members, and are always looking forward to receiving newcomers.

Please sign up for our mailing list, and follow us on the social media platforms listed below.