Earth Strike USA

Our National Campaign

How Climate Change Affects the USA

Climate change is impacting all parts of the United States. The number of hurricanes hitting the eastern seaboard is increasing. The western states are suffering from increasing number of fires. If the temperature keeps rising it will only get worse.

The United States is directly responsible for about 14% of global CO2 emissions (see EIA). Further, additional CO2 is used to produce goods and transport them to the United States from other countries. Additionally, the United States is the world’s greatest financial and military power.

Our Mission Statement & Demands

The demands for the United States chapter of Earth Strike are:

  • Municipalize and wind down all fossil fuel extraction.

  • End all pipeline projects, especially those that exploit native land.

  • End corporate money and Super PACs that fund fossil fuel expansion.

  • End the construction of new oil wells and the practice of fracking.

  • Create a tax on industrial carbon emitters with all tax revenue funding renewable energy subsidies.

  • Transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035.

  • Sign the Paris Climate Accords.

  • End subsidies to oil and natural gas companies.

  • Regulate large-scale agriculture to reduce methane emissions, limit hazardous runoff, and preserve biodiversity.

  • Mindfully manage potable water resources, and the inclusion of rainwater into irrigation and waste systems.

  • Aid communities displaced by climate disasters with a focus on rebuilding renewable infrastructure, including providing state-level aid to Puerto Rico for natural disasters.

  • End all subsidies to meat with further research and development on addressing dairy and other animal agriculture related environmental concerns.

  • Redirect automaker subsidies towards building and maintaining green public transportation.

  • Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act.