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Climate change is the biggest threat humanity has ever faced, yet the world continues to ignore it. With the loss of over 60% of animal species since 1970, we are already experiencing the 6th mass extinction on earth. The recent IPCC report has warned us that we have 12 years to keep our global temperature below 1.5°C or we will face dire consequences. At current rates, we are predicted to sail past that limit. Climate destruction will be irreversible. Once the damage is done, there is no going back. This is not a problem that we can solve in the future, we have to act now, before it’s too late.

Earth Strike are working with several groups to organise international actions and organise for a general strike. We must withdraw our services from the global economy, uniting as a disruptive force that cannot be ignored. We will demand immediate action is taken to prevent the destruction of our planet, holding corporations and governments accountable for their criminal inaction in facing the issue.

Our Demands

We demand a just transition to a carbon-neutral society. By this we mean that we must rework our society so that we no longer systemically destroy our environment, and we must do this without leaving communities to suffer as a consequence. For a just transition to be achieved governments and employers must…

Be honest – a just transition must come from a position of honesty and knowledge. Governments and employers must admit the severity of the climate crisis.

Cut carbon emissions – Current carbon neutrality targets are not enough. We must end fossil fuel use and we must achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Free the unions – Trade unions must be allowed to protect workers and hold the governments and employers accountable. This means revoking Draconian labour laws, such as the TULC(R)A and the Trade Union Act 2016.

Empower communities – A just transition cannot be imposed from the top down; it must engage and be led by communities.

Care for the natural world – We must begin the repair the damage we have already done to the natural ecosystems on which we rely. This must be done in a way that respects indigenous land rights and draws on their traditional knowledge and expertise as land stewards. We must say no to “reserves” that claim to protect the land by expelling indigenous people.

What might a just transition actually look like? We discuss what changes may be necessary in our Great Green Charter.

Regional Groups

Earth Strike operates as a decentralised network. This means we need you to help organise in your local area! Email your Regional Coordinator to find people near you and how you can help.

Nothing near you? Apply to be a Regional Coordinator by filling out this form, or sign up to our email list at bottom of page, and we will get in touch with more information about how to help out and get involved with organising.

Regional Coordinator: Kate Goss
Link: Edinburgh Facebook Page

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South West
Regional Coordinator: Sab

South East
Regional Coordinator: Jasey

Regional Coordinator: Cosmo Cattell (interim)
Link: London Facebook Group

Northern England
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Become a Regional Coordinator – Apply Here

Link: Merseyside Facebook Page

Regional Coordinator: George Aylett
Link: Yorkshire Facebook Page

West Midlands
Regional Coordinator: Russ Spring

East Midlands
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