20TH SEPT 2019

About Earth Strike UK

Climate change is the biggest threat humanity has ever faced, yet the world continues to ignore it. With the loss of over 60% of animal species since 1970, we are already experiencing the 6th mass extinction on earth. The recent IPCC report has warned us that we have 12 years to keep our global temperature below 1.5°C or we will face dire consequences. At current rates, we are predicted to sail past that limit. Climate destruction will be irreversible. Once the damage is done, there is no going back. This is not a problem that we can solve in the future, we have to act now, before it’s too late.

Earth Strike are working with several groups, organising international actions culminating in a general strike on the 20th September 2019. We will withdraw our services from the global economy, uniting as a disruptive force that cannot be ignored. We will demand immediate action is taken to prevent the destruction of our planet, holding corporations and governments accountable for their criminal inaction in facing the issue.

Our Demands

We demand businesses and private organisations follow the demands outlined in the green charter. From our governments and policymakers, we demand:


  1. Law/legislation preventing the publication of misleading media, statistics or messaging that serve to obscure, obfuscate, confuse, or otherwise conceal the true impacts of a practice or procedure on the climate/environment by any party.
  2. Establishment of free training and education services for sustainable living and production across the UK.
  3. Establishment of a citizens’ assembly to supervise the planning of and transition to a green economy, to ensure a fair and publicly-evaluated process without deals being made behind closed doors.
  4. Establishment of a cohesive plan of action to completely dismantle the fossil fuel industry in the UK by 2030, with the end goal of strong prohibitive legislation to prevent any use of or investment in hydrocarbon fuels. This must adequately plan to minimise our energy requirements and fill our remaining needs by environmentally friendly means.
  5. Major increase in investment in research into environmentally friendly technologies and practices.
  6. Restrictions and disincentives to be put on freight transit, especially via air transportation. Significant investment into better public transportation- serious work must go into reducing air and motor travel/transport.
  7. Creation of significant nature reserves, on-land and off-land, with the priority of protecting the ecosystems of our planet.
  8. Investment and support of non-governmental organisations and voluntary work that work to stop climate change and improve our environment.
  9. Legislation to limit packaging that is wasteful of material, difficult to recycle/reuse, and/or encourages material wastage (e.g. of food). Incentives for innovation in reusable or multi-use products.
  10. Creation of local environmental regulatory and maintenance bodies with the ability to penalise and incentivise local organisations. These bodies must be transparent, well-funded, and able to effectively manage the wellbeing of the local environment as a part of a larger system.
  11. End deals with bloodthirsty foreign powers (such as the Saudi regime or the government of the USA), especially if/when those countries refuse to hold to necessary climate agreements, such as the Paris Accord. We cannot continue to shrug the harmful impacts of our petrochemical economy onto other countries


Grievance Letters


On 1st August we will begin issuing grievance letters to our employers, demanding that they promise to transition to environmentally friendly operations by 2030. A copy of the template grievance letter will be made available at all local meetings when it is finalised.

Regional Groups

Earth Strike operates as a decentralised network. This means we need you to help organise in your local area! Email your Regional Coordinator to find people near you and how you can help.

Nothing near you? Apply to be a Regional Coordinator by filling out this form, or sign up to our email list at bottom of page, and we will get in touch with more information about how to help out and get involved with organising.

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Regional Coordinator: Cosmo Cattell (interim)
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2019 UK Climate Justice Calendar

1st Aug – Earth Strike Final Warning Protest

20th Sep – EARTH STRIKE!

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