Our Partners and Supporters

We are supported by many other climate activists and organizations, all tackling the same problem from different angles.

International Organizations


United4Earth is a citizen lobbying organization, pressuring elected officials into passing climate protection legislation. They are jumpstarting this process with their Citizen Lobbying Tool, powered by over $13,000 in crowdfunded donations.

IWW Environmental Unionist Caucus

The IWW Environmental Unionist Caucus seeks to unite the labour movement and the environmental movement, to transition unsafe and unsustainable industry to one that meets the best labour and environmental standards.

Demand Utopia

Demand Utopia is focused on building and strengthening an ecosystem of local movements based on principles of horizontal democracy, co-federation, ecology, post-scarcity and social justice.

Public Figures

Noam Chomsky

A seasoned political activist and academic, Chomsky’s critiques of imperialism, corporate media, and capitalism have made him one of the most widely-known and respected public voices on the left for decades.

David Graeber

A prominent anarchist activist and author in economic and social anthropology, Graeber has written several books on societal change, power, and revolution. He had a pivotal role in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints)

Dubbed the “Queen of LeftTube”, Wynn’s YouTube channel ContraPoints is a compendium of edutainment videos about society and politics. Her work has earned her over 300k subscribers and writeups in several mainstream journals.

Local Organizations

New England Worker's Party

The New England Worker’s Party is a radical socialist organization fighting for the total liberation of all workers, through the reinstatement of the New English system of “Town Hall Democracy” and the expansion thereof to all industry.

Keep Colorado Green

Keep Colorado Green is a political non-profit founded and run by America’s youth, with the goal of putting Colorado on the national and international stage of stopping climate change.







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