Earth Strike The Netherlands

Our National Campaign

Our First Protest

The Earth Strike Kickoff Protest

On the 15th of January we will march in three cities: Amsterdam, Nijmegen, and Groningen.

TIME: 16.00 — 20.00
DATE: 15 January 2019

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Dit protest zal plaatsvinden op De Dam in Amsterdam. U kunt de route hier vinden.

Dit protest zal plaatsvinden op van Schaeck Mathonsinge in Nijmegen. U kunt de route hier vinden.

Dit protest zal plaatsvinden op de Grote Markt in Groningen. U kunt de route hier vinden.

Our schedule:



Earth Strike Kickoff Protest

Earth Strike kickoff. A kickoff action in order to publicly start our actions as Earth Strike.

Second protest

The second protest. Our second big protest will take place on the Saturday two weeks after Earth Day. Due to King’s Day, we have decided to have a different date than the international second protest, as protesting on King’s Day is not optimal.





Final Pre-Strike Protest

On the Earth Overshoot Day of 2019, we will hold one final protest before our strike, as a final wake-up call for those that have not yet joined us.




On the anniversary of Silent Spring, the book that kick-started the environmentalist movement, we begin our General Strike to Save the Planet!

Our Mission Statement & Demands

The world’s leading climate scientists are in consensus, we have until 2030 to prevent an average worldwide temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius, that is in little more than 12 years time. Taking into consideration the economic, social, and political change we will have to induce, we practically have no time left. If we let the average world temperature exceed 2 degrees the results will be catastrophic, to name a few of the likely outcomes: Sea levels shall rise swallowing entire nations, heat waves will become commonplace, and water scarcity shall become widespread.

We need to act immediately before we are too late.  According to the Carbon Major Report of 2017 one hundred producers are responsible for 71% of the global industrial greenhouse gas emissions. It has become clear that these big corporations blatantly disregard the wellbeing of humanity and our dear planet; something we as humans mustn’t tolerate.

For these reasons, we are organising worldwide action. We need to make it clear to the corporations and our governments: Listen to humanity! To make sure they listen we will make our message loud and clear. We shall refuse to work together with companies and institutions who neglect the future of humanity and refuse their right to a decent existence. It has become blatantly obvious that we, the people, must take a stance on climate change.

The permanence of mankind is balanced on the tip of a knife, despite years of warnings. Change needs to be made, quickly. On the 15th of January, 11th of May, 1st of August the Netherlands will protest. All of this culminating in a general strike beginning on the 27th of September: the day of Earth Strike.

  • The proposed legislation by Klaver et al. cited as: ‘Klimaatwet’ shall be enacted as a lawfully binding commitment to all ministries, authorities, colleges and civil servants to whom it may concern, and that they shall strictly and rightfully implement aforementioned law.

  • The Dutch government will strive to become a global leader in both green- and sustainable energy production as well as in laws and regulations.

  • By the 1st of January 2025, The Netherlands ceases the importation and transhipment of fossil fuels that are not meant for domestic use.

  • The Dutch government will take serious and direct action to strongly discourage the use of fossil fuels for citizens and companies alike and to encourage the use of green and sustainable energy.

  • The gas exploitation in Groningen is to be ceased completely before 2020 and all related damages are to be compensated before 2025. Future damages shall also be compensated as soon as possible.

  • A national transition fund will be made to compensate all employees in the Dutch fossil fuel industry and all other sectors hit by these necessary measures.

  • The royal title of Royal Dutch Shell shall be revoked due to the violation of the prerequisite to be of unspoken nature.

As citizens of this planet, we ask you to no longer stay silent. We implore you to work in the best interests of humankind and work alongside us to mitigate the effects of climate change. Spread the word of protests, organize with your community, and take a stand for our future.

Planet Earth will strike.


In the words of American linguistic, philosopher, media critic and political activist Noam Chomsky:

The Mission Statement of Earth Strike is bold, ambitious and cogent. More than that, it issues a challenge that is of extreme urgency, addressing the most crucial question humans have ever had to face: do we have the will and the honor to act now to preserve the possibility of a decent existence for future generations, or are we so self-centered and cowardly that we will impose upon them a bitter fate – and not in the distant future?

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Want to get involved? Join our Discord server! We use a Discord server to organise our protests, reach out to organisations and people, and more. Everyone is welcome to help, from experienced activists to regular citizens wanting to help save the climate.

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Our Team

Want to contact us? You can reach both the National Coordinator and the Social Media Coordinator on our national e-mail.

Puja S.

National Coordinator

Jamie G.

(Social-) Media Coordinator

Email: [email protected]