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For our strike to be effective, we need broad popular support and participation. Scatter flyers around your city, get on social media, and talk to friends, family, and coworkers about our plan. Help recruit people to our protests, to raise awareness for our cause.

Need some posting materials? Hit the button below for posters, flyers, brochures and images for all platforms. Get our message out there!

Go local

Get to know others in your area who are on board.

Organize city-wide meetups, conferences, and maybe even independent protests to accompany those in our global schedule. Get your hands dirty with some boots-on-the-ground organizing, and help us build the habits and skills of direct democracy and egalitarian decision-making that will be necessary for us in the days ahead.

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We are a multifaceted organization with teams focused on many different tasks on both an international and local level. If you have any skills or formal training in design, research, marketing, web development, etc. – your talent is needed!

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Help shape our course forward and get mired in our endless debates.

We use a web app called Zulip as our hub for live chat about organizational matters. Many suggestions are taken and decisions made on our Zulip server, which hosts a vibrant and diverse community where lots of casual discussion happens as well. Make yourself at home!

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