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Our Demands:
A Green Renewal for a Livable Future

We have united in response to the perilous threat facing our civilization and our planet. Ecosystems around the globe are undergoing rapid, non-linear and potentially irreversible changes.

The urgency of our situation demands immediate and sustained action. As repeated in multiple scientific articles, as well as the recent IPCC report, we no longer have decades, but years, to bring about the required ecological and economic renewal.

We assert that:

This ecological decline is largely due to an economic system which does not properly account for the work done or the services provided by the earth’s systems, or the negative externalities imposed onto those systems, and which disregards the future for the sake of the present.

Constant and infinite growth of GDP in its current form is neither sustainable, nor desirable, as it results in diminishing returns in terms of quality of life, due to the finite nature of resources which create GDP.

In order to bring about this renewal, many actions will be necessary. We submit a partial list of some of the most urgent actions required, and demand that they be implemented.

Our demands are as follows:

Green Technological Advancement

Canada has fallen behind other OECD nations in research and development, causing us to rely too heavily on resource extraction for economic prosperity, which has had significant consequences on our communities – through boom/bust cycles – ecosystems, and our carbon footprint. In order to move to other industries money must be invested in research and development.

Research and Development

We demand that Canada invest more into research and development, with a particular focus on sustainability.

  • Begin a green technology research grant that increases in amount yearly, directed towards making Canada fossil-fuel free.

  • Increase federal spending on Research and Development to 3% of GDP by 2022 and 3.5% by 2025, and maintain this level at or above 3.5% of GDP.

  • Increase private sector spending on R&D as a percentage of GDP through regulation and de-incentivizing short term use of credit for asset-price inflation (i.e. disallow bonuses paid based on Earnings Per Share if the company has repurchased shares through Share Buy Backs).

  • Begin a mass mobilization similar to what was done during the world wars to bring about the rapid decarbonization of our economy.

  • Have the Bank of Canada form a “Climate Catastrophe Finance Committee” (akin to the War Finance Committee from the second world war) to raise funds through the sale of “Green Renewal Bonds”.

  • Reform Canada’s patent laws to prevent research done at Canadian institutions being forfeited to large corporations.

Electric Vehicles

We demand that Canada draft a plan to phase out the sale of new vehicles with internal combustion engines.

  • Enact a legally binding plan to phase out the sale of all new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030.

  • Use money from the sale of “Green Renewal Bonds” (see above) and/or interest free money issued by the Bank of Canada to fully fund municipal plans for overhauling vehicle fleets.

Resource Management Reform

Canada has historically been treated as a resource colony. The fur trade, the high grading of white pine, and more recently the tar stands, have all played a significant role in the Canadian economy. So, throughout history Canada’s natural wealth has been exploited for the gain of people who will never be affected by the harm that they cause. It is imperative then that we now change our relationship with resource management, with a particular urgency on transitioning away from an energy sector that is reliant on fossil fuels, to one that draws primarily on renewable energy. Canada would also be wise to implement stricter regulations to combat unsustainable economic practices.

An End to Oil and Gas Subsidies

We demand that Canada end all subsidies to the oil and gas industry. This will mean:

  • Enact a legally binding plan to end all federal and provincial subsidies to the oil and gas sector by 2020. This must include an end to all tax incentives, tax reprieves, and discounts on energy.

  • Maintain complete transparency on what sort of subsidies the federal and provincial governments are currently providing.

  • End all support for oil and gas through Sustainable Development Technology Canada, and Export Development Canada.

Material Flow Accounting

We demand that Canada establish a method of Material Flow Accounting (MFA) to better monitor our resource extraction. (MFA is the practice of completely monitoring the material input, as well as the use, and reuse of material resources within an economy.)

Sustainable Industrial Practice Seal

We demand that Canada implement new regulations regarding sustainable economic practices, in the form of a Sustainable Industrial Practice Seal. This seal:

  • will serve to guide and govern all Canadian economic activity towards sustainability;

  • will apply to products sold in Canada; consumer goods should be built with higher standards in order to maximize the lifetime of the products.

  • will serve to prohibit business practices that are outright environmentally damaging, such as the use of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) in refrigerators – a greenhouse gas whose warming effect is over 1000 times that of carbon dioxide.

Economic Reform

The growing GDP we have been pursuing for decades falls far short of measuring anything beyond the accumulation of material wealth in the highest rungs of our society. This GDP accounts for the destruction of our forests, the poisoning of our water, and the collapse of the ecosystems we rely on for food. As a measurement of our society, GDP completely fails to measure the health of our children, the integrity of our politicians, or the security of our future. It fails to account for our love, our safety, or our justice. We demand action to prevent catastrophic ecological collapse while we renew our economy to make it more fair and sustainable. This means an economy that does not overly privilege shortsighted gains, while discounting the value of everything that truly matters.

Jobs Guarantee

We demand that Canada implement a jobs guarantee program.

  • This program must provide jobs that are local, provide tangible benefits to our communities, and pay a living wage.

  • As education is not only a worthwhile investment in our future, but a necessity for many working people’s futures, this jobs guarantee program must also provide for university or college.

  • This program must not be used as an excuse to replace social programs of any kind, nor as a subsidy for any organization driven by profit.

Decreasing Economic Disparity

We demand that Canada take action to address economic disparity within our country.

  • Carry out a modern debt Jubilee through quantitative easing for the public; distributing cash to individuals and companies which must be used to pay down debt for those who are in debt.

  • Put a cap on the growing gap between average annual pay for CEOs and the average annual salary of Canadians.

  • Regulate “golden parachute” compensation to CEOs and other financial managers.

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